Boost your creativity by making your grey squishy thing sweat

It’s crazy. We live in an era where the grey squishy thing in our skull plays a major role in all aspects of our lives – in work, our personal lives, our decision making, in productivity, in efficacy, and especially in our creativity. Yet rarely do we give it the workout it needs 😅

I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative, come up with brilliant ideas, think differently and have super-productive and effective days. We just need to give our number one tool a consistent daily workout!

I’ve doodled for 100 days in a row before. The difference was crazy. There are tons of benefits to doodling for starters. When you combine it with doodling random words in a short period of time, the benefits are even crazier. And then throw in sharing, experimentation and a few other things and you’ve got a super workout for your brain.

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