What The Heck is Tap Tap Kaboom?

Rich spends most of his working day researching and experimenting, much like his hero, Lucius Fox.
And this is what Tap Tap Kaboom is all about – researching, experimenting, and teaching.
It's R&D.
It's mad-scientist-stuff.

It's blowing stuff up 💥

It's showing the work-in-progres.
It's the behind-the-scenes failures and messing around.
It's demystifying the magic ✨

Rich's title is Product Designer but he's more of a jack-of-all-trades / generalist / unicorn 🦄 He designs, animates and codes. He's got a BA degree in multimedia design, a BTech Honours degree in Graphic Design, and taught himself how to code. He's freelanced, worked for agencies and startups, and now runs Studio Armstrong with his wife. He also doodles all the time, has super ginger-powers and can touch his nose with his tongue!