Printing from Procreate

A few things you should know

I've had some questions on Instagram about printing. Especially digital marbling pieces coming from Procreate. Here's what I do & what you should think about:

  1. When you want to print (because who wouldn't want to print a marbling piece?) choose your print size before you paint. You don't want a great piece of marbling to be too small for what you want to print.
  2. I work in 300 dpi or 300 ppi because the quality is very good. You can probably get away with 150 dpi though.
  3. Work out your print size in mm, cm, inches – some real world unit of measurement. Then figure out how many pixels that equates to. The dpi matters here! The higher the dpi the more pixels you need for that space. Here's a handy tool you can use.
  4. When exporting from Procreate, export in a format your printer likes to use. You want the printer on your side. This will depend on the type of printing you're doing. Chat to your printer and ask them what file format you should use. PDF, jpg and tiff are pretty standard.
  5. I use The Print Space for bigger prints. They're a UK company. Their quality and customer service is excellent. But their prices are pretty high. And They have amazing paper (giclée and c-type). I use tiffs when printing with them and I export my work at an A2 size which is 7016 x 4961px when at 300dpi.
  6. Please share photos of your prints – I'd love to see them!

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