Posted 31 Aug 2017

Sublime Text is Awesome

You can try it for free. And it doesn’t cost too much to buy a license. You should buy a license if you use it a lot – and especially if you use it to make mooooney!

There are many reasons why Sublime Text is awesome. One of the reasons is that’s it’s very customizable. And this makes it easy to create a coding environment that suits you. So I made a class on how you can start customizing it. Watch it. Learn from it and boom 💥 you can create your happy coding place!

Here are a few resources to get you started.


This is a big personal preference. Here are a few lists.


There are a lot of pluings for Sublime. Here are a few of my favourites.


Creating your own takes some time. I find other people’s choices fantastic. Here are a few I like and a few other places you may want to look.

Color Schemes

Colors are important. Especially if you’re coming form the design world.

At The End of The Post

And then for more Sublime Awesomeness (because I can’t cover it all) check out these resources.